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Prelude Receives Environmental Excellence Award

Prelude Senior Living Campus – Green Building. The site for the Prelude Senior Living Campus was developed using the following guidelines:

  1. View natural features as assets and preserve them.
  2. Re-position impacted assets.
  3. Re-process assets that can’t be preserved into useful alternative materials.

As a result, tree clearing on the site was drastically reduced by creative placement of buildings and site features, saving approximately 471 of 543 trees. Also, more than 36 additional trees were moved, stockpiled, and reinstalled as mature landscape features. Equally important was the reuse of materials from trees that had to be cut down, by taking logs off-site and using the lumber to build furniture for use inside the Senior Living Campus. Any trees that were not suitable for milling were chipped and sold to energy plants for use as alternative energy. Sustainable design was also utilized in managing storm water and waste on the site.