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Planning for the Holidays With Your Aging Parent

Holiday gatherings present several challenges for those who are caring for a loved one. From the physical logistics and potential for behavioral challenges, to the practical dilemmas of meaningful gifts and menu ideas, the list of things to coordinate and execute are complicated by the need to plan for a successful way to incorporate your […]

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The Playlist of Life – Using Music to Calm, Engage, and Entertain Those with Memory Loss

Our music cheers us when we are down, helps us to celebrate our successes and is a faithful companion on a road trip or just hanging out at home. Most of us make music a sigificant part of our lives in some way. You don’t have to be musically talented to love music. It should […]

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In the Good Old Summertime–Outdoor Fun for Those With Dementia

Of course, the exercise benefits of a nice walk, time spent in the garden, or a good game of bean bag toss in the lawn are a great way to increase physical activity during the summer months. Gardening, raking, picking up sticks, or sweeping a sidewalk are all great ways to soak up some sun, […]

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Am I Next?

Those of us who have friends and loved ones with dementia ask the question often. Every misplaced item or forgotten appointment brings the nagging question to the forefront of our minds. As the incidence of dementia grows, it is prudent to know the signs, but equally important to know the steps you can take to […]

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Does My Loved One Truly Have Memory Loss?

The Alzheimer’s Association has created a list of 10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The list includes some items that are fairly well known such as misplacing items and having increased difficulty in retracing steps to locate the lost items and changes in mood or personality. Others include new problems with words and language […]

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Caregiver – Do you Feel Alone?

Whatever your experience has been to date, if you are caring for a loved one with memory loss, the day will likely come when you find yourself thinking “How did we come to be in this place?” If and when that day comes for you, it is important to know that you are not alone. […]

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Spiritual Care for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s disease

For many, the answer to this question about spiritual practice is YES! It does matter and you may be surprised by the response you get when you continue or re-introduce spiritual practice into your loved one’s routine.

As part of many individual’s early childhood memories, religious practices, songs, memorized prayers or scripture are often retained even […]

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The Dreaded Conversation with Your Aging Parents

With complex family situations and individual needs that are unique in every situation, there is no “Cookie Cutter” answer. There are, however, lots of resources available in today’s “Cyber café” of expert advice. And, the fact that you have made observations and want to explore “next steps” puts you ahead of the curve with your […]

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Who Will Remember Their Life Story?

What is a “Life Story?”

A life story is a written, oral, or photographic documentary of your loved one’s life. It often includes biographical information from the time they were born (or before if you want to include some family history), through their current daily routine and preferences. It includes information about family, education, hobbies, occupation, […]

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